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How can a man increase his testosterone?

How can a man increase his testosterone?

Hormone types in men and their role:

The sex hormones in men and women are different. They perform various functions in both these genders. The female sex hormones include progesterone, estradiol, Testosterone, estrone etc. Whereas the sex hormones in men include estrogens, estradiol, testosterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone. The testosterone in men along with many other androgens play role in red blood cell production, regulate mood, control the production of sperms, regulate the sex drive and provide strength and muscle growth to them. Those who suffer from any type of hormone deficiency either men or women Buy steroids UK for overcoming this issue. 

Testosterone, the sex hormone:

One of the main and important hormone in males which maintains their sexual functioning is known as testosterone. In men this type of hormone is produced in the testes whereas in females this is made by ovaries, skin cells and adrenal glands. However the amount of testosterone found in the body of females is less as compared to men. The level of testosterone may be different form one person to another. Some men produce more testosterone while other are deficient in testosterone production. This deficiency can lead to infertility in men. To cater to this problem, men buy testosterone UK or any such type of steroid which improves the levels of testosterone in the body.

Importance of testosterone in men:

The normal levels of testosterone are very important for males as this means their sexual features develop well and helps to maintain their reproductive and sexual functioning. Apart from this, proper levels of testosterone means that the red blood cells are in adequate levels. Moreover testosterone in right amount helps males to develop muscle mass. Men also buy tri test for dealing with the testosterone deficiency. 

Reasons of low testosterone in men:

There are many reasons for decreased levels of testosterone in men. Low testosterone is also known as hypogonadism and is a condition in which the testes are unable to produce testosterone in enough amount. The low testosterone can be due to the following reasons:

  1. Liver cirrhosis.
  2. Long term or any chronic illness or disease.
  3. Too much amount of iron in the body can also contribute to low levels of testosterone.
  4. Acute short term disease can be another cause.
  5. Pituitary gland dysfunction or tumors.
  6. HIV.
  7. XXY syndrome which is a genetic condition in men can also lead to low testosterone.
  8. Hormone prolactin production in high amounts.
  9. Obesity is another factor which causes low testosterone.
  10. Brain surgery.
  11. Exposure to radiation.
  12. Delayed puberty.
  13. History of steroid abuse.
  14. Type 2 diabetes which is uncontrolled.

Symptoms of testosterone deficiency in men:

The symptoms may be different from person to person depending on age and include the following:

  1. Loss of interest in sex.
  2. Low muscular strength.
  3. Mood changes, often feeling depressed.
  4. Problem while concentrating.
  5. Fatigue.
  6. Bone thinning also known as osteoporosis.
  7. Infertility.
  8. Increase in the body fat.
  9. Gynecomastia or the enlargement of breasts in men. 

Ways of increasing testosterone in men:

1.  Medicines

There are a number of steroids and their alternatives which can improve the testosterone levels both in men and women. Some of them are strong and some are mild in nature. These types of medicines are also known as testosterone boosters. Men Buy Test E also known as testosterone enanthate for this purpose. This is a type of injection which is given in the muscles of buttock.

2.  Testosterone replacement therapy

Many people opt for testosterone replacement therapy to increase their testosterone levels. However, this therapy is risky and can cause a number of side effects. The benefits of such therapy include improved sexual health, avoiding the issue of delayed puberty, increase in muscle strength etc. However, those men who have breast cancer, an enlarged prostate or suffer from untreated obstructive sleep apnea should not opt for this therapy. This therapy involves the following ways:

  • Pellets.
  • Testosterone gels
  • Intramuscular injections
  • Testosterone patches

Exercises for increasing testosterone:

Many men perform different types of exercises to improve testosterone production. Some exercises which are effective for this purpose include:

1.  Resistance training

Such type of training is also known as resistance exercise which helps to deal with the testosterone levels. This involves lifting weights to overcome short-term and long term deficiency of male sex hormone. Research shows that the gains in females are less as compared to men. 

2.  HIIT or high intensity interval training

This is another effective way to overcome the deficiency of testosterone in men. This training involves using the treadmill intensely for 90 seconds and then taking a gap of 90 seconds. This when done for approximately 45 minutes helps to increase the levels of free testosterone in men. 

Natural ways of increasing testosterone level:

Testosterone deficiency in men can be treated by consuming certain types of natural supplements which are not dangerous to use. Some of these include the following:

1.  Magnesium.

Maintaining adequate levels of magnesium means improved sleep, a more relaxed behavior and it also contributes to increasing the testosterone levels in the body.

2.  Vitamin D

Sun is the best source of vitamin D which according to a study can be used as an effective treatment for testosterone deficiency. 

3.  D-aspartic acid.

D-aspartic acid is a kind of amino acid responsible for increasing LH and FSH which then leads to more production of testosterone in the body.

4.  Proteins.

Studies show that a diet full of proteins is effective in raising the testosterone in the body as compared to the diet which contains more carbs. 

5.  Tribulus Terrestris

This is a kind of herb which is used now for a long time in medicine and in a study conducted on animals it was found that this herb led to more production of testosterone in them. And in men it is found to improve libido. 

6.  Zinc.

Zinc is an important mineral which is good for proper functioning of the body. Research suggests that one of the main causes of testosterone deficiency is low levels of zinc. Therefore, it is very important to consume zinc supplements to maintain the testosterone levels.

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