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How long for body recomp on TrT and now Anavar?

How long for body recomp on TrT and now Anavar?

Meaning of body recomposition:

There are a number of people who dream of losing weight with Anavar UK but at the same time get a toned body overall. This can be done by the way of an approach known as body recomposition. This is a way to lose weight where not only a person loses or cuts down weight but also gains muscles at the same time. Traditionally, the programs which are meant for weight loss just emphasize on cutting fat only and do not focus on muscle gains.

This is not the case in body recomposition. Through this approach, a person can also increase his overall strength and also boost the burning of calories. This helps the bodybuilders and the athletes to get more power and build more muscles while at the same time get rid of the extra fat from their bodies. People use Anavar and Testosterone UK and other types of androgenic and anabolic steroids for the purpose of body recomposition.

Overview of Testosterone:

Testosterone is a type of hormone produced naturally in the body mainly in men by the testicles. Testosterone is characterized as a male sex hormone the deficiency of which can lead to a number of medical conditions, especially in men. This male hormone if not produced naturally by the testicles can cause a number of issues due to which men use testosterone in drug form. 

Uses and benefits of Testosterone:

Testosterone steroid provides a large number of benefits to the people. Some of its benefits or uses are as follows:

  1. Testosterone plays an important role in increasing the production of red blood cells in the body.
  2. Testosterone increases the production of sperms in males.
  3. This type of steroid or medicine is used by men to treat delayed puberty.
  4. Through testosterone therapy, men can maintain their bone density.
  5. The facial and body hairs of men are maintained as a result of testosterone therapy.
  6. Apart from its use in medical field, many athletes and bodybuilders use this medicine to increase their muscle mass.
  7. The use of testosterone by the athletes and bodybuilders helps them to gain more power and energy for more intense workouts.
  8. By testosterone therapy, bodybuilders can also control their weight which is helpful for them before any upcoming competition. 

Overview of Anavar:

Anavar which is also known commonly as oxandrolone is from the family of steroids known as androgenic and anabolic steroids. Which is effective for increasing the strength of bones and also helps a person to gain weight. This type of anabolic steroid is also used to gain weight again after any surgery and trauma. People buy Anavar UK for body recomposition as well. But majority of the professional bodybuilders are against this. Because they think that Anavar is meant for cutting or losing fat and strength when a person is already lean. 

Uses and benefits of Anavar:

UK Anavar provides a large number of benefits not only to the bodybuilders and athletes but also to the patients as well. Some of the uses of this anabolic steroid are as follows:

  1. One of the best options for recovering from injury during working out is by the way of using Anavar.
  2. The issue or problem of frequent muscle fatigue experienced by many people can be reduced by using Anavar.
  3. The muscle tissue tear as a result of strenuous workouts can be cured by using Anavar regularly.
  4. After an intense workout or physical activity if a person takes Anavar, it helps him to heal faster as Anavar increases the nitrogen retention in the body.
  5. After an extended treatment which involves the use of corticosteroids, a person can use Oxandrolone to treat the muscle loss which happens due to the use of such steroids.
  6. Anavar also proves to be effective for treating any type of chronic infection.

Using Anavar and testosterone together:

Anavar and testosterone can be used together in a cycle. But it is important to mention here that such a combination is only suitable for men and should be avoided by the female bodybuilders. As it can cause virilization in women which involves the growth and development of male characteristics in females. This combination is also safe for beginners which not only will help them to increase strength but also muscle mass. Although it is an injectable steroid, testosterone does not harm the liver.

For the beginners who wish to take Anavar and testosterone together, it is going to give them gains in terms of strength and will also build their muscles or enhance the process of muscle building. In this type of cycle, the dose of testosterone should be between 200 mg to 350 mg a day. And the dose of Anavar should be 15 mg a day to 20 mg a day. It is important to keep in mind that the dose of testosterone should be used for a period of seven weeks whereas Anavar should be used for a period of six weeks. 

Testosterone and body recomposition:

The duration of body recomposition differs from person to person. Bodybuilders and athletes use different types of anabolic steroids during the process of recomposition. Many of them buy Testosterone UK for this purpose. Many people use TrT or testosterone replacement therapy to build muscle mass and also lose fat. Normally through testosterone replacement therapy a person can gain about 10 pounds of muscles and also reduce around 2 pounds of fat from the body. 

Anavar and body recomposition:

During the process of recomposition, the water is stored into the muscles which makes the fat cells lose water. Anavar UK can also be used during this process effectively. The athletes and bodybuilders use Anavar in the dose of 40 mg to 50 mg once a day along with equipoise in the dose of 400 mg and Cardarine in the dose of 20 mg a day. This should be accompanied with proper training and diet to get more effective results. 

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