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What is HGH and its benefits:

Human Growth Hormone or Somatotropin is labeled as HGH. It is an injectable hormone.

It helps regulate body function, heart functions, shrinks the ageing process, improves muscle mass and bone composition, regulates Insulin levels, and accelerates the growth in children and adolescents. This is used to treat patients with Turner syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome and those with insufficiency or high deficiency of natural G.H. Some other benefits of the steroids are its utilization for Bowel syndrome, chronic kidney disease and muscle wasting disease due to HIV-Aids.


To remedy hormone deficiency, people usually take one to three I.U. Per day. For bodybuilding purposes, athletes generally administer two to six I.U. Per day. You can administer the HGH cycle for up to 6-24 weeks.

Side Effects:

Possible side effects of this steroid include numbness in toes, swelling of joints, carpal tunnel syndrome (pressure on nerves), type-2 diabetes, muscle weakness and sweating.

It can also become a cause of increased sex hormone-binding globulin and insulin resistance resulting in reduced sexual function. The most common disease resulting from excess HGH is the Pituitary tumor that is the abnormal growth in pituitary glands, thus affecting the hormone levels in the body. In addition to that, H.G.H. causes an increase in more than just skeletal muscle mass; it drives growth in all body organs, except the eyes and brain. Lastly, it also increases the cholesterol level.


Every medication must be regulated after the consultation of the physician. And if you are using this steroid for stopping the clock from looking young and becoming ageless, it might not be a good decision because no such records are found. However, you can get the desired results by consuming this medication and proper physical training, a healthy diet and suitable supplements. Diabetic patients are not recommended to use this medication until told by their doctor.


The activity and functions of the steroid are mainly anabolic. It interacts with certain receptors on the surface of the cell. It increases the height of the children and strengthens the bones by boosting mineralization and calcium retention. It increases protein synthesis and promotes the growth of all external organs of the human body. It stimulates the immune system and contributes to maintaining the functions of pancreatic islets. The liver is the main organ of growth hormone and is the principal site of IGF-1 production. IGF-1 stimulates the growth of a wide variety of tissues. Supplementary IGF-1 is produced within target tissues, making it what appears to be both an endocrine and an autocrine or paracrine hormone. 


HGH is available in the market under the following categories:

  1. GENOTROPIN Pfizer-12mg-36 UI P.E.N.
  2. Juvetrope Human Growth Hormone, sOMATROPIN 100IU kit- 10×10IU vials
  3. Pharmaqo Labs Qomatropin HGH 100IU

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