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What is Mix?

MIX is a blend of 2 to 3 testosterone esters to enhance individual testosterone in the human body. In Super Bulk, Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate are combined.

MIX helps you in gaining and retaining muscle mass and to improve your stamina and performance. It also boosts the sex production in your body. RIP Blend and TTM Blend are the mixtures of three esters, I.e., Test Prop, Mast Prop, and Tren Ace. When combined, this compound reduces water retention and develops leaner and muscular muscle. The purpose of blending the steroid is to accelerate medication’s overall impact and gain strength, harder and more skeletal muscles, and vascular appearance in no time.


It has a solid anabolic activity that boosts protein synthesis, increases testosterone levels, and helps develop male sex characteristics. Androgens play a significant role in many processes in the body. Such as they affect reproductive tissues, muscle, bone, hair, skin, liver, and kidney. Moreover, it also affects the hematopoietic, immune, and central nervous systems of the body. These blends have a shorter half-life which makes the user see the results within days. And these are not aromatized into estrogens; thus it has reduced water retention.


It is the solution that is used to injection in the muscle. The suitable sites for injections are the hips, thighs, and upper arm. The required dosage of RIP Blend is 300-750mg per week. It can be taken 3 to 5 times a week. Generally, pharmacists and doctors recommend 50-100mg dosage of MIX, every two weeks. The standard dosage for athletes is up to 300mg.

Side effects:

  • If you overdose, you can feel insomnia: sweating, high blood pressure, and increased aggression.

  • Men will also feel oily skin, acne, increased libido, low sperm count, shrinking testicles, and impotence.

  • Women will suffer from male pattern baldness, clitoral enlargement, shrinking breasts, and facial hair growth.

  • Adolescents can face the permanent termination of adolescent development due to the abuse of these drugs.


If you are pregnant, breastfeeding mom, or a child under 12 years. You must not take this medication. Patients with high blood pressure and cholesterol should not take this medicine because this drug can result in blood clotting and an increase in LDL while reducing the HDL simultaneously, which can lead to heart failure, stroke, and liver damage.


MIX is available under the following categories on Steroids Team.

  1. Warrior Anabolics RIP Blend 150mg

  2. Warrior Anabolics Super Bulk 500mg

  3. Warrior Anabolics TTM Blend 225mg

How to buy online?

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