Pharmaqo Labs Clomid 50 tabs x 50mg
Pharmaqo Labs Clomid 50 tabs x 50mg

Pharmaqo Labs Clomid 50 tabs x 50mg


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What is Pharmaqo Labs Clomid 50 tabs x 50mg?

It is a strong antiestrogen, so it is widely used in bodybuilding as it increases testosterone production in the human body, and also decreases fat water and fat retention. It is also used to treat infertility in women as it helps to increase the number of hormones that help in ovulation.

How does they works:

The primary function of this steroid is to block estrogen receptors, thus prevents its action. Many bodybuilders and athletes use steroids, so at the end of cycles, these steroids perform estrogen, so most people get water or aft retention. Thus this drug is used to lower the production of estrogen in males.

How to take:

It must be taken intravenously. The doctor prescribes the quantity of dosage as per the tolerance of the user. However, please do not take it for more time than prescribed. The treatment should not exceed the limit of 6 cycles.

Side effects and Risks of Pharmaqo Labs Clomid 50 tabs x 50mg:

This drug may contain any ingredients which can cause an allergic reaction, so kindly inform your doctor if you have any allergies. This medicine’s most common side effects are dizziness, headache, stomach cramps, vaginal bleeding, and mood swings. This medicine can cause ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Precaution while taking Pharmaqo Labs Clomid 50 tabs x 50mg:

Before using this drug, inform your doctor about your medical history. In women, the use of Clomid can cause multiple births (twins, triplets). After getting pregnant, the use of this drug must be stopped. It can blur vision or make you dizzy.

How to buy Online?

If this steroid is prescribed and suits you, you can buy Pharmaqo Labs Clomid 50 tabs x 50mg on
If you live in UK or elsewhere, you can buy steroids UK through “”


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