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Topical steroids for Teens

Topical steroids for Teens

Review of topical steroids:

Topical steroids as the name suggests are the type of steroids which are applied directly to different parts of body. Such type of steroids is not taken by mouth or injected intramuscularly. Topical steroids can be used by children as well as adults and come in different forms. These steroids include different types of creams, solutions and ointments. These steroids can be anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictive and immunosuppressive. The strength of topical steroids depends on a number of factors like percentage of skin absorption, formulation etc. The absorption of topical steroids UK depends on the thickness of the skin. The skin of genitals and eyelids can absorb more cream and less absorption occurs through thick skin like skin of soles etc. Topical steroids are of different strengths which can either be of high potency or low potency. 

Types of topical steroids:

The topical steroids can be in form of ointments/creams and solutions or gels. Ointments are best for dry skin and hair free skin. Such ointments are occlusive which means they stay on the top of the skin and absorb less. Such ointments can lead to folliculitis and other medical conditions. On the other hand, the topical steroids which are in the form of gels or solutions are used on the skin which is hairy. Such solutions have a drying effect and can lead to stinging sensation. 

Duration for which topical steroids should be used:

It is recommended to not use topical steroids for long term as it can lead to side effects. Your primary care physician decides the dose and duration of topical steroids. Normally it is suggested to use such medicines once daily or twice daily for a period of one to two weeks. Topical steroids should be used only on the affected part. Further it is recommended to apply not more than two or three think layers of the steroid. People should buy steroids UK especially the topical creams or medicines in an amount which only lasts for seven days. In other words, topical corticosteroids should only be used for seven days and not longer in order to avoid side effects.  

Uses of topical steroids:

There are different types of topical steroids which are used to treat different types of medical conditions, some of which are mild and some can be severe. Such steroids for sale are prescribed by the doctors to treat different kinds of skin diseases which are as follows:

  1. Intertrigo
  2. Atopic dermatitis.
  3. Dry skin.
  4. Anogenital region itching.
  5. Seborrheic dermatitis of face.
  6. Nummular dermatitis.
  7. Insect bites.
  8. Contact dermatitis.
  9. Lichen planus.
  10. Eczema of hand.

Side effects of topical steroids:

There are a number of side effects associated with the use of topical corticosteroids. These include:

  1. Stinging sensation on the area where the steroid is applied.
  2. Worsening of the skin disease or infection.
  3. Use of topical steroid can also cause acne.
  4. People also observe changes in their skin color.
  5. Topical corticosteroids can also cause permanent stretch marks.
  6. Rosacea is another side effect of topical steroids in which the face becomes red.
  7. Users of such steroids also observe excessive growth of hairs on the area of skin which is cured.
  8. The skin which is treated can also become thin making it more vulnerable to any damage.
  9. A person can bruise more after using such steroids for a long time.
  10. Enlarged blood vessels.
  11. Inflamed skin.
  12. Red burning skin.
  13. Swelling after stopping the use of topical corticosteroid.

High potency steroids:

There are a number of topical corticosteroids which are classified as Class 1 or high potency topical corticosteroids. Such corticosteroids include:

  1. Diflorasone diacetate 0.05%.
  2. Halobetasol.
  3. Fluocinonide 0.1%.
  4. Clobetasol propionate.

Potent steroids:

There are some Class 2 steroids which are less potent as compared to high potency steroids. These include:

  1. Fluocinonide 0.05%.
  2. Desoximetasone.
  3. Amcinonide ointment 0.1%.
  4. Halcinonide 0.1%.

Medium potency steroids:

Medium potency steroids are classified as Class 4 and Class 5 topical corticosteroids. These include:

  1. Pandel cream which is hydrocortisone probutate 0.1%.
  2. Cutivate cream also known as fluticasone propionate 0.05%.
  3. Triderm cream or lotion also known as triamcinolone acetonide 0.1%.
  4. Mometasone furoate 0.1%.
  5. Hydrocortisone valerate 0.2%.

Mild topical corticosteroids:

These types of topical corticosteroids are classified as Class 6 steroids and are slightly more potent as compared to topical hydrocortisone. These include:

  1. Fluocinolone acetonide 0.01%.
  2. Aclovate ointment.
  3. Desowen ointment.

Least potent topical corticosteroids:

These are classified as Class 7 topical corticosteroids and include brands like:

  1. Hytone.
  2. Cetacort.
  3. Cortaid.

Who cannot use topical corticosteroids:

There are certain conditions in which people cannot buy UK steroids especially the topical corticosteroids cannot be used. These include:

  1. Patients who suffer from fungal infections or fungal diseases should not use topical corticosteroids.
  2. People who have acne on their body are suggested to not use topical steroids.
  3. Patients who suffer from untreated bacterial diseases.
  4. Those who suffer from perioral dermatitis should stay away from topical steroids.
  5. Widespread plaque psoriasis is another medical condition in which topical steroids should be avoided.
  6. It is recommended to not use topical steroid on face for long period of time.

Topical steroids for children and teenagers:

In case of children and teenagers, it is advised to use low potency topical steroids to avoid any adverse outcomes. In children it is suggested to always use Class 6 and Class 7 topical steroids. There are only a few topical steroids which are approved by FDA to be used in children and teenagers. One of them is over the counter hydrocortisone. Over the counter hydrocortisone is a low potency topical steroid which is prescribed by doctors to teenagers and children for treatment of conditions like insect bites, mild skin issues etc. This topical steroid is available as 0.5% and 1% ointment and cream. Some of the brands of OTC hydrocortisone include Cortaid and Cortizone. Some of the other low potency topical steroids include Cordran, Elocon Dermatop etc. 

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