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What do Steroids do

What do Steroids do

In the 21st century the world of medicine or Steroids has evolved so much that we are now able to treat some of the deadliest diseases which enter the human body. If you wind the clocks back about 50 years ago, you’ll find out that diseases like tuberculosis or simply known as TB. It was regarded as so fatal and dangerous that if a person used to diagnose with it, he or she was considered to be at the possible end of his or her life. But if you now come across a person who’s suffering from TB. You won’t be that curious and won’t think that the person has no treatment option or cure because the world of medicine has come a long way. Similarly, there were some diseases in the past that devastated the whole world when they first clinched their fangs into human history. Now those diseases are simply treated by antibiotics and they’re out of your system in a couple of days. 

Introduction of steroids into medicine:

There were some diseases in the past which our future generations won’t even hear about as these are totally eliminated. Thanks to fast advances that happened in the world of pharmaceutical and medical science. Just how some diseases are totally eliminated or are unheard of nowadays. There were some health conditions for which the medical science was looking for a quick solution and that solution came in the form of steroids. Steroid’s are naturally producing hormones. Which reside in your body and your body takes care of their balance as they help in resisting any toxicities or chemical reactions occurring in your body due to bacterial or viral infections. 

Classification of steroids:

Apart from steroids made by the body there is another form of steroids that is man-made and is synthesized in a medical lab and that is what most people think steroids are – an artificially made growth hormone in a medical lab. So, we have something called natural steroids, which are growth hormones like testosterone produced in a balanced quantity in your body. Then we have something called medical steroids, which are further classified into androgenic-anabolic and corticosteroids, which are mostly built and composed by pharma companies and a lot of research goes into their development, distribution and application in the world of medical science. 

Two major man-made steroid categories:

Corticosteroids are basically medicinal drugs which are synthesized through hormones produced by adrenal cortex. They are mostly termed as short-term steroids because of their limited use as compared to anabolic steroids. On the other hand, anabolic steroids are synthesized through male growth hormones, called as testosterones, produced in human’s body. This class of steroids is mostly understood and has its monopoly on the name steroid because their use is much higher than typical corticosteroids. That is not due to their use in the world of medicine but also anabolic steroids are a hot topic in the world of sports and fitness

How the use of steroid is generally viewed:

The reason when someone says he or she is on steroids or taking steroids, we instantly reach the conclusion that the person is somehow associated with sports and fitness. But the bigger question here would be why the use of steroids are stereotyped and only associated with bodybuilding and other sports. The answer to that is the growing popularity of the fitness industry and various sporting events. But before diving a bit deeper into that sea of thoughts, let’s take a moment and analyze how these steroid’s working happens in our system. 

How steroids work in our body:

Steroid dosage is given to a particular individual to reduce inflammation, redness and swelling, which can bring in quick relief for certain pains in muscles and also helps in minimizing the effect of some chronic conditions like asthma and eczema. Now this mostly the medical use of steroids or rather one should say corticosteroids. When it comes to anabolic steroids then their use is mostly associated with bodybuilding and strength training along with some other sports.

Use of anabolic steroids in sports:

In the case of anabolic steroid’s most individuals who take these drugs are healthy enough and in their physical best already, then why would they go for their use. The answer is performance enhancement. Yes, the world of sports has come a long way from where it was just like medical science. Young athletes who are taking up sports as a profession are now fitter, leaner, bulkier and bigger than ever, depending on the sports they are a part of. UK steroids have kind of paved the way for these athletes to expand their performance limitations and further push the boundaries of their physical best. 

Why do healthy people take steroids:

The demand for the UK steroids has skyrocketed due to the popularity of various sportsmen taking them and doing wonders in their performance. Besides just taking part in professional sports, common people buy steroids UK in order to build muscle mass and attain incredible muscle size after they are done lifting heavy weights at a gym or a fitness center. Young kids and people in their 20s and 30s are crazy about bodybuilding and fitness now more than ever. This influence is mainly due to fitness icons and models which have kind of made it to the top on the basis of their physical beauty. So, people consider them as their role models and try to follow their footsteps which leads to using UK steroids

Where do people buy steroids:

Now with all the social media around and the various e-commerce channels hosting fitness programs and working with bodybuilders as their main showstoppers. It is very easy for youth to get inspired from them, locate a store which says steroids for sale and buy steroids UK either online or over the counter without consulting any healthcare professional or certified nutritionist. That is where the problem really lies as these young lads have no idea about steroid’s working and effects it can put on themselves. They just look for these products over the internet and see some bodybuilder taking it, and just like that order steroids UK through any online platform without even giving it a second thought. They just see the bright side of using steroids UK and won’t even try to bother about the side effects which are clearly mentioned on the product description.

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