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When should I start pct after 100mg teste last shot?

When should I start pct after 100mg test e last shot?

Overview of Testosterone Enanthate:

One of the main and important hormones found in the body of men is testosterone which is also known as a male sex hormone. This chemical or hormone is produced in the men’s testicles and regulates or controls the sexual functions in them. Apart from this, testosterone is also found in females, produced by the ovaries but is in less amount as compared to men. Due to a number of medical issues, the production of testosterone can be reduced in the body. To overcome this issue, people either buy steroids UK or choose different types of testosterone therapies which involves the use of injections, gels, patches, pellets, etc.

Apart from this, many of them also buy testosterone UK in form of pills as well. There are different esters of testosterone namely cypionate, propionate and enanthate. Test-E or testosterone enanthate is a type of androgenic and anabolic steroid which is commonly used in the field of athletics and also by bodybuilders to increase performance. Basically, testosterone enanthate is a modification of the naturally found testosterone due to which it is best for building muscles and other male features. 

Uses of Test-E:

Test-E is used more than the other two testosterone esters due to this steroid having long half life as compared to testosterone propionate and testosterone cypionate. Due to a number of benefits offered by this drug, the public looks for ways to buy Test-E. The uses and benefits of this anabolic steroid are as follows:

  1. Growth in terms of muscle mass
  2. Growth in terms of strength.
  3. Gives rock hard muscles.
  4. Increased vascularity.
  5. Improves sleeping patterns.
  6. Helps to boost confidence
  7. Gains in terms of libido
  8. Person feels more relaxed.
  9. Improved or better concentration
  10. Helps to fuel muscle endurance
  11. Helps in triggering the muscular hypertrophy which helps to give more muscles.

Side effects of Testosterone Enanthate:

Although there are a number of benefits of using Test-E, one should be aware of possible adverse outcomes as well by taking this anabolic steroid. The risks associated with the use of this drug or steroid are as follows:

  1. Testosterone enanthate causes aromatization.
  2. This androgenic and anabolic steroid can lead to prostate issues.
  3. Use of testosterone enanthate can shrink the size of testicles.
  4. Baldness.
  5. Changes in voice.
  6. Gynecomastia is another side effect which is experienced by men.

Avoiding testosterone enanthate:

There are certain conditions in which it is better to not take testosterone enanthate as it can cause serious side effects. These include:

  1. If you are on insulin.
  2. If you have medical history of diabetes and take diabetes medicine.
  3. Liver diseases suffering cause.
  4. If you are taking any form of blood thinner.
  5. Any person suffering from heart issues should not use Test-E.
  6. In case of hypercalcemia it is best to avoid Test-E.
  7. Men who suffer from prostate issues.
  8. In case of any type of cancer, do not use Testosterone enanthate.

Testosterone Enanthate cycles:

People also Buy tri test which is a combination of different types of testosterones to use in a cycle. There is option available for the users of testosterone enanthate to either use it individually or as a solo steroid or use it in a stack. Moreover, it can be used for cutting and bulking as well. This type of androgenic and anabolic steroid can also be good for using in cycles where the dose and duration varies from person to person. Some of the test-E cycles are as follows:

1.  Beginner cycle

This type of cycle is best for those who are new to using anabolic steroids. In this cycle, it is recommended to use Test-E in the dose of 250 mg to 400 mg for a period of eight weeks. This should be followed by post-cycle therapy for a period of two weeks involving Nolvadex in the dose of 20 mg to 40 mg to be used every day. 

2.  Testosterone enanthate and Deca Durabolin cycle

This cycle is one of the safest and best cycles which involves taking Test-E in the dose of up to 500 mg every week and Deca Durabolin in the range of 200 mg to 300 mg every week. This cycle can also be used by beginners. And the total duration of such a cycle can be up to 14 weeks where after the 12th week it is advised to stop taking Deca Durabolin and start PCT which involves taking Arimidex 0.5 mg every day. 

Dose of Testosterone enanthate:

Testosterone enanthate in the dose of 100 mg is available in the form of subcutaneous injection which is used my men to maintain their testosterone levels or to overcome the testosterone deficiency which in other words is also known as hypogonadism. By injecting this drug, men can maintain their masculinity and also helps to maintain their muscles and avoids bone loss. 

Post cycle therapy:

Post-cycle therapy is helpful in recovering the hormone levels which are disturbed during the use of anabolic steroids or drugs in a cycle. People may observe serious hormonal imbalance as well while cycling the steroids for a long period of time. Therefore it is necessary to buy PCT UK or start it as soon as you can to recover faster. The duration of PCT is going to be different depending on how much potent were the steroids and the duration for which the steroids were taken. 

Post cycle therapy after Test-E:

After using Testosterone enanthate 100 mg in a cycle with other steroids it is better to start post cycle therapy after around 30 days. Such gap is taken so that the testosterone present in the body completely clears out from the body. However effective results can also be seen if PCT is started after a period of around 14 days. And the drugs used in PCT can be either Aromasin and Clomid or Nolvadex and Clomid. 

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