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Where can I buy Testosterone?

Where can I buy Testosterone?

Testosterone is a male growth hormone mainly produced by testicles in males and also produced by the ovaries in females but in considerably smaller amounts than in males. This growth hormone starts producing in the body when humans reach puberty. The levels of these growth hormones in males deteriorate with age. These hormones are mainly responsible for an increased sex drive, energy, and muscle growth in males as it supplicates in abundant sperm production. If their production in the body is not at a healthy level and rate then it can affect you negatively as one can feel low on energy, lethargic, having no sex drive and eventually low muscle mass and strength. 

Medical importance of testosterones:

Testosterones have significant medical importance as these hormones are also artificially given to people with low testosterone levels with the advent of testosterone replacement therapy. This therapy is used to treat low sperm count in males, increase body energy, boost one’s self-esteem and also enhance muscle mass. Their application is mostly through injectables and dosage depends on the age of the person. Testosterone dosage should only be taken if your doctor has prescribed it to you as these drugs put adverse effects on your body if you’re overdoing it against your doctor’s advice. 

Benefits associated with testosterones:

If taken with proper guidance, then one can have these testosterone benefits: 

  • Increased energy and self-esteem
  • Increased sex drive 
  • Elevated calcium levels
  • Stronger bones and flexibility
  • More muscle mass and growth
  • High metabolism

Testosterone dosage application:

To have a greater benefit one should put themselves on testosterone cycle and always ask their health care professional to administer the shots into the body. Otherwise, you can also administer or inject them into your body at home once you know the mechanism. It is advisable to inject these at the same time when on a cycle to maximize their efficacy. Mostly they are administered in 100 mg to 200 mg doses but can also be more than that depending on the age and the purpose you’re injecting them for into the body. 

Things to consider after dosage:

After taking testosterone dosage one must keep a check of himself or herself as these drugs have significant side effects and you should report regular feedback with your health care provider regarding any recurring and long-term effects. This is mostly the medical purposes for which the testosterone is prescribed and taken by an individual but there are reasons other than medical ones for which people buy testosterone UK and they take testosterone dosage and that is mostly in sports especially bodybuilding. 

Use of testosterones in sports:

If you take a closer look at the evolution of sports and enhanced fitness calibers of the athletes now more than ever then you’ll find out that testosterone benefits are not just limited to the health care and medical industry. The world of professional sports has seen the use of testosterones by sportsmen at a vast level. But over the period of time, it was considered an illegal substance to be used in sports. Sportspersons who were taking these testosterones for performance-enhancing and longevity of their sports career were scrutinized.

How sports federations look at testosterone use:

 Now various sports federations have completely banned the use of these substances and an athlete can be fined or go to jail if he or she possesses these drugs or have their traces into their systems if found in doping tests. But not all the sports have banned these drugs and substances, there are sports like bodybuilding where these drugs are not just used but also endorsed by the bodybuilders and trainers through back channels. 

Why it’s considered alright to use testosterone in bodybuilding:

One must wonder why only the sport of lifting weights has allowed their use can be understood by the fact that the bodybuilders with immense amounts of muscle and size have taken over and are now considered as role models for upcoming bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Then comes the events like Mr. Olympia, Mr. Universe, Arnold Classic, etc., which not only give bodybuilders quick rise to fame but also big fat prize money checks. Besides this there are sponsorships and brand endorsements, and these bodybuilders become the face of various companies and brands after winning or even participating in these events. 

Why do people take testosterones?

Now with social media platforms taking over the world of communication, all these famous bodybuilders post-training montages, pictures, and videos of themselves working out and sharing their eating habits, a supplement they’re using so that people who follow them go to buy testosterone UK. That is how testosterone are also demanded by the individuals who are inspired by them and consider them fitness icons. People buy testosterones UK and start using them when they join a gym to build their physique in hope to look like these massive bodybuilders which they follow. 

Where to buy testosterones UK:

Different countries have different drug laws regarding the purchase and sale of testosterones. While in some countries it is totally legal to buy testosterone UK for personal use and one can buy testosterone over the counter and through online platforms as well, in other countries it is not possible to buy these drugs without a prescription. In such countries, you should have a doctor’s prescription if you’re looking to buy these drugs over the counter and if you’re trying to avoid prescription and purchase them online then local laws can come into effect and take legal action against you. However, TRT or testosterone replacement therapy, is not the same as purchasing anabolic steroids because it is mostly prescribed by physicians and is totally legal to get your hands on them either over the counter or online. 

Side effects of taking testosterones:

One must keep in mind that testosterone benefits may seem appealing for users, but one should also note that misuse of testosterone or what one can simply say drug abuse for these products can be very problematic and even deadly at times if someone is taking these very casually and not taking necessary precaution. Let’s look at the possible side effects which testosterone overdose can put on your body.

  • Enlarged heart size
  • Blood clotting
  • Acne 
  • Rash and discoloration
  • Heart palpitations
  • Hair loss on head and beard
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Low sperm count and deterioration
  • Temporary or permanent impotence
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