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Which steroids are good for beginners?

Which steroids are good for beginners?

Steroids perform a wide range of functions in our body. They either reduce inflammation or help to treat allergic infections or various other skin related diseases. Steroids can either be lab-made drugs or found inside the human body naturally as hormones. Artificially produced steroids are also termed as anabolic steroids which can be administered in different ways i.e. in the form of injection, pills or powder. Their abuse can lead to medical issues which can range from mild side effects to even life threatening.

Steroid abuse in beginners

Misuing Steroids UK can also affect in various ways depending on sex, age, genetics etc. The side effects can be reversed by stopping consumption of such steroids. In the field of bodybuilding many beginners need to consume anabolic steroids for muscle strengthening and boost muscle growth but little do they know if many such drugs come with serious outcomes. What beginners do is that they start with higher doses and often take wrong steroids in early stages due to a lack of knowledge. This in turn increases the risk of many medical problems or diseases. Moreover, beginners buy steroids UK, but forget that they are more vulnerable to severe side effects as their bodies have less resistance to the drug. Therefore it is advised that such beginners watch their intake of steroids and start off with a proper short half-life steroid cycle. 

Best UK steroids for beginners

It is advised to always consult a doctor first while taking steroids for the first time as he needs to ensure that blood pressure levels and liver levels are in range otherwise steroid intake can adversely impact these levels. Moreover it is advised to start with mild steroids which have minimal side effects. Besides these precautions, one other thing which should be kept in mind if you’re considering using steroids is shot administration. It is imperative that you do not self-administer steroids at home but through a health care clinic or a practitioner. Now let’s take a look at some of the best steroids which a beginner can use.


Anavar or oxandrolone is an androgen which is manufactured under the brand names Anavar or oxandrin. This drug is considered to be the safest and reliable steroid for those who are consuming steroidal medications for the first time as it is a considerably milder drug. This drug is widely used by people for building and strengthening muscles and for fat burning. It is an oral medication with no severe side effects. This drug is best for beginners who are afraid of needles. It is advised that beginners should start with a low dose of 15 milligrams a day for the first three weeks and then increase the dose to 20 milligrams a day for next three weeks. Within a few weeks to a month people who use this drug start to notice changes in their body by having lean muscles. In the UK this drug is available in the form of injections or pills


Testosterone or test can be the most popular and favorite choices for beginners as its use can give big gains in muscles and is not overly toxic and is without major side effects. It is an injectable steroid which is the only downside of having such steroids for beginners. This can come in different forms like testosterone acetate, enanthate, cypionate etc. It is recommended to start taking this drug in the dose of 500 milligrams per week for eight weeks. 


Dianabol or D-bol is a well-known anabolic steroid used by bodybuilders to strengthen muscles of the body. It comes in the best category of steroids for beginners as it is easy to use and comes with a variety of performance enhancements and bulking and cutting gains. Use of this drug is associated with increase in testosterone levels and bone density along with increase in red blood cell production. Also this drug is best for glycogenolysis as it enhances this process and provides high levels of strength. It is an oral drug that should be taken for two weeks with a dosage of 15 milligrams per day. Dosage can be increased to 25 milligrams per day depending on overall tolerance level. It is advised to start post-cycle therapy to recover from its use. Cost of this drug is fairly low as compared to other anabolic steroids, another reason why people buy steroids UK. Dianabol or D-bol steroid is available in the UK online with fast next day deliveries. But at present it’s an offense to distribute or supply this drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act. But it should be noted that personal use of this drug is not illegal. But currently according to UK law consumers are allowed to possess no more than six months’ supply of the drug. Due to these strict regulations bodybuilders opt for other ways to buy these steroids either by travelling abroad and buying them or buying through underground labs. 

Deca Durabolin

Deca Durabolin is a typical drug for beginners which can be used by them to build lean muscle. It is a slow acting compound which can be used by newbies as it does not penetrate in the body quickly and this ultimately means having less side effects from using such drugs. This drug usually takes a week or so to get in the system as opposed to testosterone and even Dianabol. This anabolic drug is also prescribed by the doctors to patients suffering from various bone diseases as it is considered to be a healthy steroid. For beginners the Deca cycle is usually around twelve to sixteen weeks. There are different online pharmacies which sell this steroid. All you need to do is make an online transfer or buy through bitcoin. 


In conclusion, it should be noted that every steroid comes with different side effects if taken in excessive amounts or if abused. But as beginners it is still advised not to run after steroids for sale signs and go with such choices which are less vulnerable or pose less threat to your body. This way they can achieve their desired results of weight gaining or having lean muscles while at the same time avoiding serious side effects. 

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