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Would steroids affect my sex life?

Would steroids affect my sex life?

Steroids are something that is used mainly by bodybuilders, powerlifters or athletes to enhance their performances. The bodybuilders use steroids to improve stamina as well as to build muscle mass. The use of anabolic steroid’s eventually helps them get more power by increased level of testosterone. And thus many of them are able to perform well when it comes to have a sex drive.

This leads them to a point where the people begin to think that the use of steroids is best if they lack somewhere such as erection problems etc.

Anabolic steroids

Basically, all the anabolic steroid’s are produced through the androgen hormone which is actually a male sex hormone. In simple words, all the anabolic steroids can be used to improve your sexual activities. As far as the question is concerned that would steroids affect someone’s sex life depends on various factors.

In this article, we will explain how steroids work in the body and what the difference between Viagra and other steroids is. Additionally, we will cover all the apprehensions that a user may have once he starts taking steroids.

What can be the causes of sexual dysfunction?

Before we begin to elaborate more about the steroids and their effects. It is important to know what type of medication is being used by a person who later on faces sexual dysfunction. Sexual dysfunction can have multiple phases and includes sexual drive, desire, arousal and orgasm. It can happen to both men as well as women at any phase of life. For instance, men can have erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, decreased sexual desire, anorgasmia etc. In the same way women may face problems such as painful sex and no lubrication during sex.

Some other reasons for sexual dysfunction are the side effects of various medications and treatments. That the people use and go through without knowing their long-term adverse effects. For instance, the intake of antidepressants and antihypertensive medicines (the medicines to control blood pressure) play an important part in decreased sex desires or sexual dysfunction. Some other medications include antiandrogens which are used to treat prostate cancer, hyperplasia and hyper-sexuality etc. Eventually block the androgen effects and thus affect the sex hormones in men to not function properly and in the longer run leads to severe problems.

How do steroids work in the body?

Anabolic steroids are sex steroids since both anabolic and androgenic properties are found in them. Androgenic effects are linked with the sexual characteristics whereas the anabolic features are associated with the muscle development.

There are various ways to take anabolic steroids such as injections, pills and gels/creams.

However, anabolic steroids are very useful in building muscle growth but on the other side, they cause unhealthy side effects on the user’s body. That includes shrinking of the testes, hair loss, decreased sperm count or breast enlargement etc. However, if the anabolic steroids are used for the longer time then it may lead to hypertension, blood clotting, cardiac arrest, mood swing, liver or kidney disorders etc. They may also cause withdrawal symptoms if taken for a prolonged time.

How do the Anabolic Steroids cause sexual dysfunction?  

The majority of anabolic users who start taking anabolic steroids consists of people. Who feel they don’t have an attractive body and want to look better for their sexual companion. However, they do not know that the misuse of anabolic steroids eventually leads to sexual dysfunction like erectile dysfunction ED. In some cases, people are found with shrinking testicles and all these disorders become a major cause of infertility in men.

The female anabolic steroids are more likely to have increased sex drive. However, the use of steroids may lead to masculinization in women such as facial hair growth and decreased breast size. These physical changes have a severe impact on the overall body image.

Moreover, the prolonged use of anabolic steroids can also lead to complete baldness in both men as well as women.

Know more about Viagra!!

Viagra is actually a medicine which is given to treat erectile dysfunction. It works by supplying more blood to the penis through arteries that cause erection. However, most men take Viagra without such disorder as their main purpose is to have a good time with their partners.

The side effects of Viagra can be a headache, redness in the face, sinus problem or congestion, low blood pressure, heartburn or indigestion, a prolonged erection that may last for 3 – 4 hours etc.

Can Viagra play an important part to have a good sex life?

 Viagra can lead to adverse effects if taken so frequently for multiple sex companions. An abuse of Viagra can also increase the possibility of unsafe sex practices and sexually transmitted diseases.

It can be said that Viagra and steroids can increase the risk when taken along with other medicine and in some cases may lead to life-threatening health conditions.

We conclude that steroids use is not harmful but if taken as per doctor’s instruction. When a doctor prescribes the steroids he sees the benefits more than the risk and therefore it is given to the patients. If the user/patient exceeds the prescribed limit whether the time or the dose, then he may experience serious issues.

As far as effects of steroids on the sex life is concerned, then the answer is YES!. If the anabolic steroid are taken for a longer time, then it certainly leads the patients to a point. Where he starts facing several problems that include erectile dysfunction. This disorder needs a proper treatment and that may take a lot of time depending upon the complexity of the disease.

There is another trend of buying steroids in the UK online, it can be a better option only in the case when you buy a steroid that is prescribed to you for any medical reason. Steroids are nothing that can be taken for hit and trial basis. It should be kept in mind that it may worsen the condition if not taken with the prescription and with no prior knowledge. So while you buy steroids in the UK, be very careful.

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