Pharmaqo Labs Trenbolone Hexy

Pharmaqo Labs Trenbolone Hexy


Active Half Life Active Half Life 14 Days
Dosage Dosage 200mg – 400mg Weekly
Acne Acne Yes
Acne Water Retention No
Hepatoxity Hepatoxity Yes
Aromatization Aromatization No
Steroid Detection Time Detection Time 4-5 MONTHS

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What is Pharmaqo Labs Trenbolone Hexy?

Pharmaqo Labs Trenbolone is best for all bodybuilders. It is related to the anabolic & androgenic than testosterone, and this contains all potent steroids under one drug. It is an injectable steroid to help burning fat and give strength to the body. Trenbolone Hexy is five times higher than testosterone. It supports to development of muscle growth and appetite.

How does it work?

Trenbolone Hexy works to exceed testosterone in the male body more than a woman. It makes s body muscles hard and well-defined due to high androgenic properties. Mostly, bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes are found to use it with unique benefits for bodybuilding.

How to use it?

Dose for this trenbolone is best when your doctor advises you to start. Ideally, the dose plan is okay with 100-150mg weekly for a 12-week cycle. But for intermediate users can inject 150-200mg weekly for a 12-week cycle. Do not refrigerate this injection for a long time, and it can harm you in the shape of any side effect. Women are not allowed to use this injection because of strongly androgenic steroids.

Side Effects 

  • Oily skin
  • Hair loss
  • Body hair growth
  • Acne
  • Doziness
  • Trouble in breathing 
  • Deepened voice


People with high blood pressure cannot take this steroid because it will make your pulse too fast, and maybe it affects your heart as well. It is a potent steroid that women must avoid taking, and not everyone can bear its hardness. If you have some other disease, you must tell your physician or trainer regarding your medical history. Older adults are suggestible to avoid trenbolone Hexy due to its extreme efficiency. Newly conceive women who are expecting their child must not go for trenbolone Hexy.

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